Design and development of IT-solutions to different platforms and programming languages. Part of the team, or as an independent full-stack provider.  Microsoft .Net, WordPress, PHP.

Websites and webservices

We offer two expertise in web-based projects. When possible, we prefer to use our own Azure account, to demo the project progress online.

Website design

We offer full-stack projects, consultation, design, creation and installation of a website.

  • Graphical design
  • Responsive webpages
  • eCommerce and booking integrations
  • Technology: WordPress, PHP and JavaScript

Integrations and embedding

All Microsoft based web-based technologies are supported. New integrations can be done to any web API supported systems.

  • Integration, data and security architecture
  • Microsoft based technology
  • Technology: ASP.Net, C#, WCF, Azure, Sharepoint, MS SQL

Windows applications

We offer design and creation of applications, add-ons and background services for Windows operating system.

  • Software architecture
  • Background services
  • Microsoft Office add-ons
  • WPF and Windows forms applications

Mobile applications

We design and implement native and cross-platform applications.

  • Android and Windows Phone applications
  • Technology: Xamarin, C#, HTML5