Portfolio (PDF)


The founder has 20 years of experience from private and public sector, working inside the system, listening to the customers and creating new solutions. He graduated as Master of Science in 2014 from University of Turku in Finland.

Project portfolio

  • Lead Architect / VAHVA (Tieto Oy, 2016-2017)
    • Digitalization of Finnish Central Government
  • Lead Architect / SALAMA (Affecto Finland Oy, 2010-2015)
    • Digitalization of a ministry and all its agencies
  • System Analyst & Designer / CAMA (Affecto Finland Oy, 2006-2010)
    • Digitalization of  large bureaus and research institutes
  • Software Architect / Scanning solutions (Affecto Finland Oy, 2002-2008)
    • Scanning solution for Finnish Land Survey and other companies
  • Developer, Consult, Designer / 50+ Projects (varies, 2002-2017)
    • Process-, case- and document intelligence

Job titles in Tieto Oy (2 years)

  • Senior Solutions Architect
  • Senior Software Architect

Job titles in Affecto Finland Oy (14 years)

  • Senior Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • Systems Designer
  • System Analyst
  • Programmer/Designer

Freelance programmer (2 years)

  • Company: GateFive
  • Company: City-lehti


  • VAHTI (Finnish governmental data- and cybersecurity, all levels)
  • Database Fundamentals
  • OpenText Content & Archive Server Administration
  • VRS Technical Certification
  • Kofax Technical Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS)
  • ScrumMaster

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